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Advent Worship Series: Begin at the End

"Are we there yet?"–a question many adults hear while traveling with kids for the holidays. For the next four Sundays, join us as we ponder together where God is taking us and how we will get there.

We will begin observing the Advent season two weeks early this year, on Sunday, November 13. This will allow us to give more attention to both the Advent and Christmas seasons of the church calendar. Below are the Scripture readings for the month of November so you can prepare for worship.

Advent I November 13 Begin at the End Bring it Down Luke 21:5-19 Advent II November 20 Begin at the End Mighty Savior Luke 1:68-79 Advent III November 27 Begin at the End Stay Alert! Matthew 24:36-44 Advent IV December 4 Begin at the End Here Comes the Kingdom! Matthew 3:1-12

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