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Sanctuary Improvements: Windows, Sound System & Video Screen

The Trustee board enlisted a contractor to install new custom windows throughout our sanctuary. While this work was expected to be complete before the end of the year, the contractor has been delayed. We still expect installation work to begin in the next few weeks. We are also upgrading malfunctioning audio & visual equipment in the Sanctuary. The new audio equipment is expected to help our choir, instrumentalists, soloists and readers be more effective in leadership. The new video equipment will improve our ability to employ visual media in worship with excellence. These projects are being funded by the budgeted funds, the Margaret Baker Memorial Fund and additional designated gifts. You are invited to prayerfully consider making a special gift to help fund these projects. As we give, we follow Margaret Baker’s example of generosity and ensure a future in ministry that reflects God’s beauty and draws people to God’s self.

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