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March Worship Schedule

During March we continue in our Lenten Worship series, Learning the Way. Below are the sermon texts for this month so you may read them to prepare for gathered worship.

On Sunday, March 13, Rev. Amy DeWitte, Associate Pastor of Anniston First UMC will lead us in worship. On Maundy Thursday, March 24, District Superintendent Rev. Sherill Clontz will lead in a special Maundy Thursday evening worship service.

March 6 Lent: Learning the Way / Forgiveness Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 March 13 Lent: Learning the Way - Rev. Amy DeWitte preaching Luke 22:54-62 March 20 Passion/Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-40 March 24 Maundy Thursday - 6pm - DS Rev. Sherill Clontz preaching Mark 14:1-15:47 March 27 Easter Day Luke 24:1-12

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