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Church Without Walls, Sunday Aug. 7 9am

On Sunday, August 7 at 9am, in lieu of a normal worship gathering, we will gather for a brief prayer in the Sanctuary and then be sent out into our community to serve. Several teams are being assembled and a sign-up sheet will be passed around during Sunday worship gatherings in the weeks prior to this event. Currently, six teams are being planned: - Steve Kilgore & Paula Segrest, visiting local nursing home - Betty Arnett, visiting people that are homebound in our community - Roy Bearden: litter pick-up in Weaver - Heather Headley: Preparing care packages for residents at the Salvation Army Women's Shelter - Wayne Ginn & Evelyn Thompson: Police Department Letters of Appreciation and Gifts Please contact a member of this team for more information on how you can serve on this special event!

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