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Call to Prayer: Workers for the Harvest

“The size of the harvest is bigger than you can imagine, but there are few workers. Therefore, plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out workers for his harvest.” (Matthew 9:37–38 CEB)

Call to Prayer: Workers for the Harvest

Matthew 9:38 @ 9:38am

30 Days of Prayer: Oct 2-31, 2016

This month we conclude our series in worship in which we have focused on "Growing a Garden of Disciples." In Matthew 9:35-38, we are reminded of Jesus' compassion on the people who needed healing and wholeness. It is not difficult to see the needs exceed our imagination still today. Please join us in Prayer during the month of October as we pray for workers for the Lord's harvest. Every day, wherever we are at 9:38am, many of us will commit to stop and pray this prayer that Jesus commended to his disciples.

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