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Financial Peace Sunday, May 7

On Sunday, May 7, during our 9am worship gathering, we will have a “Financial Peace Sunday,” focused on Dave Ramsey's teaching on biblical giving and financial management from the Financial Peace University course. This worship experience is planned in preparation for our upcoming capital campaign: “Raising the Roof: A 20/20 Vision.” Please check our blog ( and upcoming "Word & Deed" newsletter articles for more details on this upcoming fundraising campaign.

A note from Matt:


During Worship this Sunday, May 7, the Finance Committee will share with you a sample of Dave Ramsey's teaching from Financial Peace University about biblical giving. In addition to worship through song and prayer, there will be a video teaching, handouts and sharing of testimonies.

I took the class when our church offered it earlier this year, and it was a transformational experience. I'm a fan of Dave Ramsey's saying "You have to live like no one else so you can live like no one else." These words resonate with our recent reflections on sharing in Christ's death and resurrection during Lent and Easter. After taking the class, my family has been challenged to become better managers of God's money and to trust in him for our future in more tangible ways.

Our Finance Committee is sharing this teaching with you as we prepare our hearts for an upcoming capital campaign to raise funds necessary to repair the Family Life Center roof (read more about this on the available handouts or online here:

I'm excited that you will hear some testimonies of how God has transformed other individuals' lives through Financial Peace University. You won't want to miss it!



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