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Krystal's Testimony

On Easter Sunday, 2018, we witnessed three individuals make new beginnings in their faith. One of those souls, Krystal Railey, reaffirmed her baptism publicly before the church, re-dedicating her life to Jesus. Here is her bold testimony of God's saving grace. Thank you, Krystal, for your courage and Christ-like vulnerability in sharing!

When we moved to Alabama we attended [another church] where I was Baptized on 4/20/1990. I was 9. I was given a coloring book, spoke with the preacher, dunked three times in water and bam, it was done. Even though I asked to be baptized, I did not understand what it meant.

Shortly after that, Mom and Dad went to a few different churches but once they went to one they liked the preacher would leave and the dynamics of the church would change. They then would move to another church.

When I was around 14-15, I went to a Winter Jam type of concert. I remember bands and an evangelistic speaker. Everyone was asked to get down on their hands and knees to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. I look back at that day and I feel as though I was following a herd of sheep. Even today I sometimes question my Salvation.

Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed as Bipolar. I was treated by therapy during high school and some of college. I was off and on meds throughout college self-medicating with the ups and downs following. I would go through periods where I stay out partying and then have down moments where I even considered killing myself.

Not until one day I was working at Outback did things come clear. I was smoking in the girl’s bathroom (Don’t Smoke) a girl named Autumn told me that something was wrong with me. She didn’t know what but I needed to get help. She spoke during that elusive window of time that made me get help.

After that I was able to get help, go back to college, met the love of my life, and have three beautiful boys. I belong to this wonderful church that has touched my heart so much. The friends that I made are irreplaceable. I feel that through this season of Lent, I have had a deeper understanding of my salvation. Matt asked me how I felt about my salvation now compared to when I when I started this process and I explained to him that I feel closer to God than ever before in my life. I know more about Jesus Christ my Savior and how I want to rededicate myself to him on Easter. I know that God has been there for me though the good and bad times. I would not be here today without his love and grace. The tattoo on my right arm is a reminder that I have to keep a tight grip on the thin line balancing my ups and downs. This also has allowed many people to ask questions so I have been able share my story about mental illness awareness.

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