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Healing Hands Worship Series

Throughout the month of July, we will encounter stories in the gospel readings that focus on the healing power of Jesus. Jesus’ power of healing began with the work that he was doing himself, but Jesus was also an effective leader and delegator—always extending the power to others to do the caring work.

May we experience the healing power of Jesus so we can share that power with our community!

(Adapted from

Week 1: July 1 Bring Life - Mark 5:21-43

Week 2: July 8 Send Forth - Mark 6:6b-13 (D.S. Clinton Hubbard Jr preaching)

Week 3: July 15 Become Known - Mark 6:13-16

Week 4: July 22 Draw Crowds - Mark 6:53-56

Week 5: July 29 Feed the World - John 6:1-14 (Corey Railey preaching)

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