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All Things New - April Word & Deed

“Then the one seated on the throne said, “Look! I’m making all things new.”” (Revelation 21:5 CEB)

Signs of newness fill God's creation as buds blossom and insects swarm with the arrival of Spring. In our church, new members join through baptism and profession of faith, new guests join us in gathered worship, new children attend Kids for Christ, new ministries of leadership and service are envisioned–even new windows adorn our Sanctuary walls! Our city will soon enjoy a newly paved parking lot at Ewell Park and–to my personal delight–an extension of the Chief Ladiga trail south of Mike Tucker park to McClellan. My own family continues to celebrate and adjust to the newness of life with the birth of Soren and Sage Headley. Once again, I wish to thank you, our church family, for your generosity and support during this happy interruption to our lives.

All the newness points to the Good News that in Christ, all things are being made new! May you experience new life through the power of His Resurrection this Easter Season.

Peace be with you!

- Matt

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