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Come and See: Jesus. In. Lights.

How did you first encounter Jesus?

What difference did that encounter make in your life?

What difference is Jesus making in your life now?

Last Sunday, we were reminded of our baptism into the Christ, his Church and the Triune God. We saw the Spirit descend on the Son like a dove. We heard the Father's words, spoken to Jesus and echoed over us: "You are my beloved child, I am very pleased with you!" We renewed our baptismal vows to renounce and reject sin, evil and injustice, and to bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ.

In response to receiving God's transforming grace, we challenged each other to invite three people to join us for worship next Sunday. Remember to encourage your partner to invite three people as well. Let's share this good news of Jesus with others!

Peace of Christ, Matt Headley

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