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Discipleship Groups, Sundays at 9am

With our new Sunday morning schedule, we have launched several new Discipleship Groups and Sunday School classes. Below is a list of opportunities for discipleship on Sunday mornings at 9am. Please join us!

  • “Deep Blue” - Bible-based Sunday school class for children ages 3-12. Leader: Heather Headley. Location: Education Building

  • “Uninvited” - Women's group on the book Unin

  • The Anatomy of Peace class led by Steve Kilgore and Cindy Kilgore, meeting in the FLC Parlor

  • Youth Group - ages 13 and up, led by Roy Bearden and John Carpenter, meeting downstairs in the Education Building

  • Open Bible Study led by Matt Headley, Corey Railey and others. Meeting in the Sanctuary overflow room.

Other groups that will continue to meet include:

  • Ruth Bible Class, a women’s group with rotating leadership, meeting across from the Nursery in the Education Building

  • Builder’s Class, led by Harold Spivey, meeting in the Education Building.

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