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Flourish: September Worship Series

“Make Weaver Green Again!” This phrase has been on our church sign for most of the summer, and I’ve heard the question a few times: "What is that supposed to mean?" Well, in one sense, it is a bit of a riff on our President’s famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) slogan: “Make America Great Again.” But what does being “green” have to do with Weaver or our church?? Is this some kind of free-lovin', tree-hugger motto? Well, that may be part of it, but not in the way you might think... For several years, we’ve been focusing on a vision of our church as a Garden of discipleship. As our church leaders have been living with this vision for ministry, we’re attempting to take it to the streets. Weaver and the surrounding community is a great place to live, but our people are struggling–physically, mentally, socially, economically, and spiritually. From empty storefronts revealing a struggling economy to the surge in outdoor recreation around the Chief Ladiga and Coldwater Mountain bicycle trails, to major life concerns about personal finances, health, poverty, food insecurity and struggling schools–the range spans the good and the bad. With Paul’s words from Ephesians 6 ringing in our ears, we understand we’re surrounded by spiritual conflict with the "forces of cosmic darkness, and spiritual powers of evil." (Eph 6:12 CEB) There’s both hope and despair, the “green” of life and the decay of death. As traditional, institutional Christianity continues to decline, we wrestle with the question: “what is the path forward for our church and its role in the community?" It’s in the midst of this spiritual darkness that we can SEE God’s promise in Isaiah with a fresh perspective: Look! I’m doing a new thing; now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize it? I’m making a way in the desert, paths in the wilderness." (Isaiah 43:1–3, 18–19 CEB) God’s glorious, life-giving work is springing up all around us. Can we see it? Can we join him in that re-creative work? What might it look like for our church to help our community to flourish like a garden? How CAN we join God in his work to "Make Weaver Green Again?” Join us Sundays in September as we bring a new vision for our church and community into focus: September 9 A Garden of Discipleship... (Isaiah 43:1–3, 18–19) September 16 ...Empowering the Community to Flourish... (Jeremiah 29:4-7) September 23 Body, Mind & Spirit (Matthew 22:37-40)

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